Europe in Crisis (eCrisis) Project at Science in the City, Valletta Malta

29th Sep 2017

The Institute of Digital Games together with the Faculty of ICT (University of Malta) presented the eCrisis project at Science in the City in Valletta, Malta’s science and arts festival. At the eCrisis stand visitors had the opportunity to try out Iconoscope, one of the two games that form a central part of the eCrisis project. In Iconoscope visitors drew abstract concepts with simple shapes that encouraged abstract thinking and reflection on communicating complex ideas. After they had drawn their concept it was uploaded to the online database, where other people could guess which concept they had drawn. An explanation was provided to visitors how this game fit into the larger context of the eCrisis project by demonstrating that people perceive things differently and that understanding different perspectives is one of the underlying foundations for social inclusion.

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