Europe in Crisis (eCrisis) Project Meeting and Multiplier Event in Athens, Greece

26th Jul 2017

The third eCrisis consortium meeting was held in the premises of the Ellinogermaniki Agogi School in Athens, Greece on Thursday 6th and July 7th 2017. Thanks to all participating partners, the meeting was very collaborative and productive. The status of the project was discussed with special attention on the eCrisis Educational Toolbox, the eCrisis Teacher Guidebook and the eCrisis Teacher Training Courses. In addition, decisions on the future steps regarding the project events in Malta in March 2018 were taken.

On the 7th July 2017 we co-organised with the STEAM Summer School ( a multiplier event, the “eCrisis Toolbox and Methods Seminar” that took place in the wider area of Athens and focused on the reflective debate, one of the main aspects of the eCisis methodology. Inspired by science communication practices, we presented an eCrisis play and debate session based on the climate crisis. The pedagogical framework, the possibilities of the educational games and the aims of the eCrisis project were presented and discussed by the participants. On Sunday 9 July, we were also invited by the organizers of the Steam Summer School to a nice walk on the hill of Pnyx, were democracy was born and practiced 2,5 millennia ago, for a discussion inspired by our seminar on Friday. The overall feedback regarding the methodology and the technology of eCrisis project was positive, especially from primary and secondary school teachers, the target group of our project.

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