News and press releases for the eCrisis project.

Playing together in times of crisis, Vienna, Austria - 31/03/2017

31st Mar 2017

On Friday, 31.03.2017 from 3:30pm - 9:00pm the Department of Education at the University of Vienna (Austria) will be holding an event to discuss and present our project “Europe in Crises”.

First Kick-off Meeting

21st Oct 2016

On Thursday 20th October 2016 and Friday 21st October 2016 we had our first kick-off meeting of our eCrisis project, held at the faculty of ICT at the University of Malta. All partners of the consortium from Greece, Austria and Malta, were present for this meeting. Profs. Georgios Yannakakis (University of Malta - UoM) kicked-off the meeting by introducing eCrisis, and Ms Mihael Neagoe (UoM) followed by presenting the financial issues and plan for the project. Subsequently, Profs. Georgios Yannakakis (UoM) presented current tools and methods including an overview of the Iconoscope, one of the games the eCrisis framework will...

Press Releases announce the Europe in Crisis (eCrisis) Project Launch

20th Oct 2016

The Europe in Crisis (eCrisis) Project Launch was announced in the following press releases:Times of Malta - Sunday 16th October 2016 Times of Malta - Thursday 20th October 2016

Europe in Crisis (eCrisis) Project Launch

19th Oct 2016

The Institute of Digital Games would like to invite you to the launch of the new research project “Europe in Crisis” (eCrisis), funded through the Erasmus+ Programme. The 3-year eCrisis project aims to enable inclusive education through playful and game-based learning and, thereby, foster the development of social, civic and intercultural competences such as conflict resolution, creative thinking, and reflective debate in primary and secondary education students. The project will launch with an opening address by the Minister of Education and Employment, Hon. E. Bartolo and the Rector of the University of Malta, Prof. A. Vella. A number of internationally...